Moving with children

Get kids involved in the moving process

Give each child a box to decorate and have them pack their favourite toys in that box. Once you’ve moved into your new home your children can easily find their special box and be quickly reunited with some of their favourite things.


Keep your kids as busy as possible while you are packing or unpacking. Friends, babysitters and family members can be a valuable resource. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when your kids are occupied.

Buy school supplies before you move

Many families try to move before the beginning of the school year. If possible, get the school supply lists beforehand, buy everything before you are knee deep in moving chaos and label the box. It’s one less thing you will have to worry about as you are trying to navigate in a new town.

Unpack the playroom and the kitchen first

Children like to play and eat. You can get a lot more done when kids are happily playing. The kitchen is important because as soon as you can prepare meals, everyone will start to feel more at home.

Grocery shopping

Whether you move a short or long distance, you will likely have to restock your fridge. Often you have to throw away many of your condiments. When you are cleaning out your old fridge, write down all your condiments and fridge essentials. This will make shopping much easier.

Set up playdates

Starting a new school can be dreadful for kids. A fun playdate can go a long way to making them feel more comfortable in a new school and neighbourhood.